Friday, October 22, 2010

Knowledge Sharing with the How-To Helper Video Series

Locking a door, opening a bottle, carrying a box, sharpening a pencil, peeling a banana, taking a breath, blinking an eye, hearing a sound. These things may seem simple but don't be fooled! They can flummox even the best of us. Not to be judgmental but I'll bet you've had trouble with some of life's little chores yourself. Friends, your troubles are at an end! We at InkHouse have devised a new learning series that will help you and you and you and ALL of you cope with the stress and stuggles of every day life.

The "How-To Helper" series - featuring that affable know-it-all Scott Montminy - sheds light on untangling life's most vexing challenges. In our first video Scott changes the water filter in our refrigerator. Perhaps not something you need to do every day but you'll be glad you watched this video in case you ever do!

In our second video, Scott takes on a task we've all faced: carrying water into a room and placing it on a table. If you've ever worked at a restaurant, had a meal at home or participated in a meeting in an office you've seen water on a table. But maybe you're not sure how the water actually got there? After watching this video, not only will you understand HOW water gets onto a table but you'll even be able to place water on a table yourself!

These are only the first of the series. We hope you find them helpful. If there are specific topics you'd like to see explained please let us know. That's what we're there for - helping everyone make it through the day!

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