Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Holiday Ode to Hustle and Bustle

We graced our new entryway just 12 months ago
It’s brought us new business, new faces and floods (yes floods)
It welcomes us each morning as we rush to see
What the nighttime has brought to respond to today

Long nights were spent waiting to see the big story
As we toiled away seeding great thoughts through social
We blogged, tweeted links, and liked all sort of things
While the “fan” took its place in the annals of “then”

Armed with our iPhones, Androids and iPads
We worked in the service of the almighty alert
To respond just this minute to the news of the day
Come new iPads, more Groupons, recession or M&A

We hustle and hurry to our holiday retreats
Looking forward to a few days without all that bustle
Silence mobile phones, IMs, Skype and email
We’re off to rest up so we can do it again

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